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Core Kickboxing & Physio Ball
  Movements and principles of Core Kickboxing are mixed from Muay Thai – Filipino Boxing – Savate - Jeet Kune Do with emphasis of rapid footwork, speed and cardiovascular abilities in a stand-up position. The Physio Ball teaches “body unity” and tests the ability to link every single fiber within the body as a complete and integral unit. The Physio Ball (also known as Swiss Ball or Pilates Ball) is a must for all wishing to learn more about TOTAL body and muscular control. All inherent unused muscles that martial arts, weight lifting and static floor training do not affect, the Physio Ball will be the bond for all that is missing. This exercise tool can and will challenge everyone at all levels.

Thanks to a good friend who was the fitness administrator for the US Marine Corp introduced and taught us the many uses of Physio Ball; we are proud to have offer such a tool that puts all the little “useless” muscles to work. Professionals and newbies that are looking for radical workout, please try our program with and without the Kickboxing.
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